UNDATED - Red Cross volunteers from St. Cloud are in Louisiana helping victims of Hurricane Isaac.

American Red Cross

Spokeswoman Carry Carlson-Guest says Dick and Judy Pike are driving one of the Emergency Response Vehicles.

The Pikes left on Tuesday and are expected to be deployed for three weeks.

The Red Cross has sent 28 volunteers from across Minnesota -- from the Twin Cities, Duluth, Mankato and Rochester - as well as St. Cloud -- to the Gulf Coast Region.

Forecasters say Isaac is still spinning off life-threatening severe weather even as it weakens slowly in its trek north over Louisiana.

The National Hurricane Center says Isaac is still generating hazards from inland flooding, storm surge and potential tornadoes across the central Gulf Coast. Its winds are about 39 miles an hour.

Isaac steered clear of a direct hit on New Orleans and the city's revamped levee system held up well despite nearly a foot of rain.


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