St. Cloud District 742 schools announced last week they are increasing what they will pay daily substitute teachers to $160 per day and permanent subs and retirees $200 per day through the end of the 2021-2022 school year.

St. Cloud School Board Chair Shannon Haws joined me on WJON today.  Haws says:

We are being very aggressive at going out and getting those positions filled.  It is challenging in today's labor shortage.

Haws says the school district is also looking into graduates who are coming out of their colleges and putting them in as "floating teachers" to support all of their schools.  She says floating teachers are need to be very versatile, and go with the flow as to where they are needed each day.

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Haws says the school district is doing "OK" with school bus drivers and they are "hanging in there".   She says they are looking for "depth" so if people are interested in being a regular bus driver, a fill-in or someone who does special events, please contact the school district.  Haws says they also have openings for support staff.  She says they offer bonuses for staff to stay and encourages those interested in a position with the district to go to there website.

Shannon Haws or Superintendent Willie Jett join me on WJON the last Monday of each month at 8:15 a.m.  Listen to today's conversation with Shannon Haws below.



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