Monday has been a cold day in Central Minnesota.  How cold must it be for St. Cloud, Sartell-St. Stephen and Sauk Rapids-Rice Schools to close based on cold weather?  St. Cloud School Superintendent Laurie Putnam joined me on WJON.  She indicates 35-degrees below zero is the threshold that will cause them to close school.  Putnam indicates area Superintendents gathered and based on information from experts they determined that either -35 air temperature or -35 wind chill would be where they would close school based on cold weather.

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Putnam indicates the location they would use to gather the temperature would be from St. Cloud.  She acknowledges they could have varying temperatures throughout the 3 districts but had to pick one locations to monitor temperature and that is St. Cloud.

The St. Cloud School District continues to look at potential renovations at Apollo High School.  Putnam indicates that topic was discussed at a board retreat this past week.  She says the board had not given an official decision but did give the go ahead to look into pricing for the renovations.  Putnam expects within the next couple of months this issue will be brought before the board with pricing information. If the pricing is approved the next step for the board would be setting a time to bring a referendum to the voters.

The improvements at Apollo would provide a secure entrance, and bring the learning facilities up to par.  Putnam says this would then allow students access to the same type of learning at Apollo that they currently have at Tech.  She says the science rooms, workforce and CTE spaces aren't where they need to be at Apollo.

If you'd like to listen to my conversation with Superintendent Putnam you can find it below.



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