ST. CLOUD -- St. Cloud police were called to the Target parking lot Sunday afternoon after a man allegedly tried to get into several vehicles. Officers were called to the north parking lot of the Target store on West Division Street just after 4:00 p.m.

Witnesses say the man pulled the door handles of a number of vehicles, at least two of which had people inside, and tried to back out of the parking stall. The same man also tried to pull a purse away from a woman.

Police arrested 39-year-old Jose Lopez. He has no permanent address.

He is facing charges of misdemeanor tampering with a motor vehicle.

The vehicles that he tried to get into, and the woman with the purse, had already left the area when police arrived. Those victims are asked to call St. Cloud Police. Any other witnesses should also call police with information about what they saw. Additional, more serious charges could be added if the victims can be identified.

The St. Cloud police department phone number is 251-1200, and the Tri-County Crime Stoppers phone number is 1-800-255-1301.

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