ST. CLOUD -- A St. Cloud man auditioned this summer to be on a future season the of popular NBC television show "The Voice".

James Calacasan says decided to give it a try back in June when he was vacationing in Chicago. He says the process started at 5:00 a.m. when he got in line with about 6,000 other people.

I sang my turn.  There was like 10 people in the one room, and then when everyone was done singing they were like thank you, everyone, but just James stays.  I was like are you sure?  And then I sang another song and then they gave me this callback slip and I returned the morning after to sing another song.

Calacsan says only about 30 people got the call back at the Chicago auditions, which were held at Navy Pier.

He says he signed a lot of paperwork for the producers of the show. His audition tapes are now in the hands of the executive producers out in Los Angeles.

Last summer he won the gold medal at the World Championship of Performing Arts in Long Beach, California.

Calacsan moved to St. Cloud from the Philippines with his family in 2013.

He says he started singing when he was about eight years old.

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