Most of the Central Minnesota high school sports teams have yet to get outside to begin their seasons due to the April snow.

As St. Cloud Cathedral Activities Director Emmett Keenan notes, not only do the facilities have to contend with the existing snow and ice on the fields, but also with the snow still in the forecast later this week.

"The temperatures haven't allowed us to get the melting going and get the frost out of the ground," Keenan said. "As frustrating as it is, we can only take it day-by-day and see what happens."

The late winter weather is rare, but not unprecedented. Keenan recalls a season about ten years ago that teased Central Minnesota athletes with warm weather early, then abruptly sent them back indoors with an April snowstorm.

"I'm not sure which is worse-- never getting out there, or getting teased and having to head back in," Keenan said.

Keenan says that the baseball and softball teams will make up as many games as possible by scheduling doubleheaders when nature permits, but it isn't just the baseball and softball teams who are having their seasons disrupted by Mother Nature's fickle winter temper. Track, tennis, and perhaps most of all golf have all had to wing it this year.

"Our goal is to make as many as we can up in baseball and softball," Keenan said. "With tennis we can move some of those inside, as well as some track events."

"The tough one will be golf. Courses aren't open for a couple weeks, and we can't have kids playing four days in a row," Keenan said. "Plus, the courses need time for their paying customers to use the facilities."