If you barely survived the Thanksgiving holiday, you may need these Target products to survive Christmas and New Year.

Just in time for the holidays, SNL last week poked fun at holiday family gatherings with a timely, tongue-in-cheek parody sketch featuring all the Target products you may need to survive the holidays. After advertising everything you'd need for the perfect feast -- like Butterball Turkeys and buy-one-get-one deals on classic Thanksgiving sides and sauces -- the sketch takes an unexpected and all-too-realistic turn.

"Hosting Thanksgiving also means hosting your family," narrates the ad's voiceover woman. "And that can be a whole damn thing." The faux-commercial then cuts to a chaotic scene of a large family gathered around the dinner table.

"Turkey's dry as a damn bone," complains Keenan Thompson's grandfather-figure.

"We want food!" scream several kids as they pound the table with their fists and silverware.

"What's the wifi?" asks one character on his phone.

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The voiceover woman then says, "That's why Target's also got great deals on a bunch of stuff you'll need specifically for them," going on to list products like Nate's Humane Tofurkey Substitute "for your niece's annoying new boyfriend," Wilson-brand footballs "so you can work off dinner in the backyard with the uncle who takes the game too seriously," and Apple noise-cancelling airpods "for when grandpa weighs in on social issues."

Many in the video's comment section praised the video for its accurate depiction of family holiday gatherings.

"Dear Target. You should hire these guys as your new ad agency. This made me want to go to target more than any real Target ad."

"Target needs to use this—I’ve amended my shopping list twice because this ad thinks of everything!"

"This is, as someone who works in the ad industry, one of the, if not THE best executed ad I have every seen in my life."

Even Target chimed in on the fake ad, saying "Can't wait to do it again for Christmas."

Watch the SNL sketch for yourself above!

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