ST. CLOUD -- This is Severe Weather Awareness Week in Minnesota and our local Emergency Management Director is giving you a homework assignment.

Erin Tufte says, if you haven't already done it, you should sign-up for the mass notification system and get alerts sent to you.

Which they can register for on our website that pushes email alerts, sends phone calls to landlines, and text messages as well for severe weather in your area.

Tufte says you are able to sign-up for multiple local counties.

One benefit is that Stearns and Benton Counties utilize the same system.  So let's say you live in Stearns County but work in Benton County you can register for both systems, or you can register the addresses in one system or the other and you'll get notifications for both.

If you spend a lot of time in the summer months outside of the area like at a lake place, Tufte recommends you go to that county's website and sign-up for their mass notification system as well.

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