ST. CLOUD -- Back in the 1970s and 1980s there was a virtual who's who of famous folks that visited St. Cloud State University.

Leonard Nimoy and Brenton Steele, St. Cloud State University, May 1974

Tuesday on the News @ Noon Show archivist Tom Steman brought former Atwood Memorial program director Pat Krueger on the show.  She was largely responsible for booking big acts on campus. She says the acts played to largely sold out crowds.

Don Knotts at the Stewart Hall (1948) auditorium, St. Cloud State University, May 2, 1986

They were usually on their way up.  The first time I worked with John Denver we had him in a smaller venue, by the time he did his last show here in 1970 he had filled Halenbeck Hall, much to his delight.

The heyday of famous visitors coming to campus was the 1970s and 1980s.

Air Supply members Graham Russell and Russ Hitchcock perform at Halenbeck Hall (1965), St. Cloud State University, October 17, 1980

The list of just some of the famous folks includes:
May 14, 1970 - Chicago played at Halenbeck Hall
December 9, 1970 - John Denver played at Halenbeck Hall to over 5,000 people
February 24, 1972 - Smokey Robinson and the Miracles played Halenbeck Hall for Sno Days
May 15, 1972 - Elton John was at Halenbeck Hall for May Daze.  Tickets were $3
October 12, 1972 - Ike and Tina Turner performed during homecoming at Halenbeck Hall
November 10, 1973 - Lily Tomlin was at Stewart Hall
April 2, 1974 - Three Dog Night, with opener Styx, at Halenbeck Hall
April 5, 1974 - Bob Keeshan, better known as Captain Kangaroo, appeared at Garvey Commons
May 20, 1974 - Leonard Nimoy spoke at Halenbeck Hall
October 11, 1974 - Bill Cosby performed at Halenbeck Hall for homecoming
September 23, 1975 - Filmmaker Frank Capra spoke at Stewart Hall
April 13, 1976 - The Charlie Daniels Band performed at Halenbeck Hall
December 1, 1976 - Bob Hope performed at Halenbeck Hall in front of 3,500 people
March 27, 1977 - Kansas, with opening act Cheap Trick, played to 4,800 people at Halenbeck Hall
April 27, 1978 - Geraldo Rivera at Halenbeck Hall
October 22, 1978 - Hall & Oates at Halenbeck Hall. Tickets were $5.50
October 13, 1980 - Air Supply played Halenbeck Hall
April 6, 1981 - Rosa Parks at Atwood
October 8, 1984 - Phil Donahue at Halenbeck Hall
July 12, 1985 - Reba McEntire at Stewart Hall for the city's celebration
May 2, 1986 - Don Knotts at Stewart Hall
October 19, 1986 - Ed Asner at Atwood
November 4, 1989 - Cheap Trick at Halenbeck Hall

Journalist Geraldo Rivera speaks to a class, St. Cloud State University, April 28, 1978