SAUK RAPIDS - Melissa Hofflund Ullmann traveled to Washington, D.C. over the weekend for work.  She says she was prepared to be stuck there for several days, as Hurricane Sandy moves in on the coast.  However, she says she was lucky enough to get the last flight this morning out of Washington, D.C.

Below is her Facebook post about her experience, which she titled "My Brush With Hurricane Sandy":

I was in the DC Area for a Memory Celebration Event for work Creative Memories Home Office. We flew out on Thursday. We had all planned to extend our trips to take in the city of DC. On Saturday after talking to some of the locals at the event, we decided we should head out early. In the process of changing flights, mine got a little mixed up. We thought it was changed to Sunday at 8:30am, but when I got to the airport to check in it was actually for Monday. So, I hunkered down at the DoubleTree Hotel. While the board said every other flight was cancelled, mine still said ON TIME. Truly a miracle that I got on the last flight leaving DC this morning before they suspended all travel from there. It was a ghost town. EVERYTHING was closed, or shut down! I have never been so happy to be home. I am praying for the 500 scrapbooking friends that we met on Saturday who are affected by Sandy, and any others I know in that area. I have only ever experienced a tornado and a blizzard. I can now add a hurricane to my list. This Memory Celebration Event is now a memory in my bank! :)

Melissa - we're glad you made it home safely!

Melissa Hoffland Ullmann