SARTELL -- A highly traveled road in Sartell could see some major improvements over the next several years.

The Sartell city council held a special meeting this evening (Monday) to talk about future plans for Pinecone Road.

Back in August the council approved of a Traffic Study to highlight what intersections from Pinecone Road to 27th Street North were in need of major repairs.

During the meeting the council talked about several roads along Pinecone Road such as Heritage Drive, 2nd Street South and 7th Street South that were suggested to have repairs done in the next few years.

The study showed that all three of the intersections were highly traffic areas and danger zones when it comes to crashes.

The results stated that Heritage Drive, which is currently a 4-way stop, and 2nd Street South, which has a traffic light, become a roundabouts to keep traffic moving and limit the amount of crashes in the areas.

7th Street South was also suggested to become a roundabout.

While the council did not vote to take any action at this time, they did recommend the city engineer take the studies findings and financially look at making the recommended roundabouts and road repairs at 2nd Street South to 15th Street North.

Total constructions cost to turn 2nd Street South into a roundabout is estimated at about $750,000.

The council would still need to vote to approve the changes. They will continue discuss on the road improvements next month.