ST. CLOUD -- It won't be long before our roads become slippery and snow covered, so it's a good time to start recalling your winter driving skills now.

Larry Nadeau is the Director of Outreach at the Minnesota Highway Safety Center in St. Cloud.

He says the tips are the same as past years...give yourself more time to arrive at your destination, increase your following distance and be looking ahead for potential hazards.

Nadeau says if you do get into a skid, stay calm, avoid hitting the brakes and steer your car out of trouble.  Pick a spot down the road where you want your car to go, focus on that spot and steer your car in that direction.

It's also important to have tires with good tread on them, clear your windows and mirrors of ice and snow and avoid distracted driving.

Safety officials say pack a winter emergency kit and keep it in your vehicle in case you become stranded.