Monster Jam made its annual appearance in Minneapolis this past weekend with an evening show on Saturday and a kid-friendly matinee on Sunday. My family made the trip to the Sunday show and had a great time.


Well, the ticket prices themselves were pretty reasonable... before the dreaded Ticketmaster fees. We got three tickets for $15 each but the total for the three seats ended up being $95 when it was all said and done. Absolutely disgraceful.


US Bank Stadium was (maybe) half full for the event so if I do it again I will probably just buy tickets at the door to avoid the crazy fees. $45 for three tickets is a great value, $95 makes it a little questionable.

I checked the Parkwhiz app a few weeks before the show to find parking and got a spot in a ramp connected to the stadium via skyway for a ridiculous $4.44. When we got to the ramp on the day of Monster Jam the advertised price was $30 for the day, so we ended up getting a great deal.

The food and drinks were as expensive as you can imagine and my kid got a stuffy for $30, but those were all voluntary costs.



The skyway entrance was absolutely deserted when we got there about an hour before showtime. The workers were very friendly and got us into the building quickly.

Outside of the line for souvenirs the lines for concessions were pretty short and quick. However, US Bank Stadium had VERY few food/drink options in the 300 level where we were sitting.


Monster Jam has been doing their thing for a long time so you should know what to expect at this point. The show was VERY loud, which is to be expected, so we brought ear protection.

The show starts with a racing tournament, then a 'skills competition' in which the trucks show off their best wheelies and two-wheeled tricks. Following the skills competition is a short intermission before the main event: the freestyle competition.

The freestyle competition is what Monster Jam is known for with big air, backflips and huge stunts. It did not disappoint.


Monster Jam was a fun, family-friendly event with a ton of families in the crowd. We had a great time and can't wait to go back!

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