ST. CLOUD -- Number one on most of our New Year's Resolutions has something to do with weight loss.

However just going to the gym doesn't always shed the pounds. A proper diet is also needed.

CentraCare Heart and Vascular Center Registered Dietician Diane Giambruno say if you are going to start a diet avoid any fad diets.

Giamburno says the best way to diet is not avoiding foods but instead eat from all the food groups.

Proper portion's will also help in dropping your pant size.

Giamburno says to be careful you are not losing a lot of weight in a short time. She says losing a pound or two a week is healthier for your body.

Giamburno says making smaller changes in your diet will help you maintain your weight and follow through with your resolution longer.

Coming up tomorrow (Saturday) we will have some tips for those of you who have a resolution to reduce, reuse and recycle.