ST. CLOUD -- The GOP expects a "Red Tsunami" next week as they're very confident in their chances heading into the midterm elections.

GOP candidates stopped by the Granite City Friday on a statewide bus tour to talk to supports just before the elections. WJON spoke to US Senate Candidate Karin Housley, Gubernatorial Candidate Jeff Johnson and Attorney General Candidate Doug Wardlow.

Wardlow is very confident heading into Tuesday, saying the Republican base is very energized. He says there's a lot of issues he'd like to tackle should he win the state AG race.

"Take the politics out of the office, need to rebuild the criminal law division, prosecute welfare fraud and go after human trafficking. That's a terrible blight in our state that we can eliminate if we put the resources to it and have the right leadership."

Johnson says the enthusiasm the GOP is seeing bodes well for them.

"The enthusiasm that we see, like right here, it's a work day, people heading out to hunt and we get a huge crowd like this. We're seeing this all across the state particularly in greater Minnesota."

Housley says she wants to be a new voice for St. Cloud and Minnesota in Washington.

"I'm so excited to be a new voice for Minnesota, we need a lot of change in Washington D.C. People are sick and tired of career politicians, so I want to go to Washington be a new voice for people in St. Cloud and Minnesota and get things done."

The general election is in four days.

GOP Campaign Stop in St. Cloud

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