The job market continues to be a job seekers market in Central Minnesota.  Gail Cruikshank is the Talent Director from the Greater St. Cloud Development Corporation.  She says she has never seen a better job seeker market which makes retention of employees and recruiting new employees to Central Minnesota businesses more important.  Here are some recruiting tips from Gail:

Recruiting Tips:

  • Ensure all employees from top to bottom are involved in the hiring process; not just a function of HR.
  • Employee referrals work more effectively than sign on bonuses
  • Word of mouth gets applicants – what kind of reputation does your company have?
  • Recruiting/Hiring process simple and efficient
    1. What does your application process look like?
    2. Is it easy and job seeker friendly?
  • Try something new – new ideas work
  • Attractive, concise, and simple job descriptions
  • Do candidate/employees see future at your company?
  • Use our community resources
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Cruikshank says employers need to be flexible and should consider the following:

  • Consider hiring part time employees
  • Be open to flexible scheduling
  • Ask current employees what attract/keeps them there
  • Hire students. It gets them engaged in your industry early
  • Hire for attitude; train for skill
  • Be an inclusive employer – do your employees reflect our community?
  • Reward and recognize your current team. They are the face of your organization.

If you'd like to learn more about Greater St. Cloud Development Corporation go to  My conversation with Gail is available below.




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