UN DATED (WJON News) -- Some more statistics for you on the extraordinary flash drought that we are experiencing in Minnesota.

The Minnesota State Climatology Office looked at rainfall amounts from May 15th through June 21st and compared it to the previous record low for that period, normal rainfall amounts, and the record high values at its five climate stations, including in St. CLoud.

Minnesota State Climatology Office
Minnesota State Climatology Office

What they found is that here in St. Cloud we are drier - in fact much drier - than the infamous drought year of 1988. We've had just .36 of an inch of rain in St. Cloud during that period, compared to 1.16 inches for the previous record low in 1988. The normal amount of rain we'd have during that period is 4.79 inches.

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The Climatology Office says the vast majority of Minnesota slid quickly into an extraordinary dry spell after record snow and a wet early spring.

The Top 5 driest summers (June, July, August) on record in St. Cloud:
#1) 3.51" - 1950
#2) 5.53" - 1929
#3). 5.56" - 1894
#4). 6.38" - 1910
#5). 6.52" - 1922 and 1930

We may finally get some relief from the lack of rain this weekend, there are several chances for rain and thunderstorms over the next few days.


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