An area where a bright green dinosaur used to sit has left a gaping hole not only on a street corner but in my heart.

When that intense storm came through central Minnesota in late August, a casualty of it was the green dinosaur that sat outside the Sinclair gas station in Grey Eagle.

Taylor Christian

The wind knocked over the price sign and crushed the beloved dinosaur at the neck.

Now you might be thinking, "it's just a dinosaur statue, why do you care so much?". That dinosaur is special. The employees of the gas station dress it up for every single season. When there was construction in town, it had a hard hat, during Easter it is the Easter Bunny, he has a special fishing hat for fishing opener, and blaze orange for hunting. That dinosaur is just as much a citizen of Grey Eagle as anyone else.

Abbey Minke

Driving through the area it just feels hallow. There should be a small bright spot on my hour drive from Long Prairie to St. Cloud, and that spark is missing. It was just a small little burst of joy to see the dinosaur in a new outfit, and I keep finding myself looking for it, driving through town and being reminded that it is no longer there.

Here's hoping the beloved dino comes back soon. There are so many great costumes to be worn over the holidays.

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