This week we are being spoiled with beautiful weather...which means you should get outside and take your dog for a walk. Even if you don't feel like it, walking your dog is good for you and for your best friend.

Pretty soon, it might be too icy and cold for you to take your pet outside for a walk. That's why you should plan some play dates at the indoor dog park at Grey Face Rescue & Retirement.

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Grey Face is opening it's indoor dog park for you to schedule a good time for your pet, and by booking your playdate for your pet, you'll also be supporting Grey Face Rescue, which supports and serves Senior dogs in our community.

November19th is GIVE TO THE MAX DAY. November is also Adopt A Senior Pet month, and Grey Face Rescue has a goal of reaching $35,000. By booking your special playdates at the indoor dog park, you will be helping them reach their goal. You can also donate early by clicking HERE now.

Grey Face Rescue is offering new programs AND Doggy Daycare! You don't need to leave your pet at home alone all day. You can actually take them to daycare, and they will have a day full of fun and activity.


My beautiful Gloria was a rescue from Grey Face. I can't imagine my life without her. I lost my Great Dane Sampson and was thinking I'd never have another dog. My heart was completely shattered after losing my baby boy.  But then....I met Gloria through a friend. My friend said, "Kelly...she's perfect."   I looked at that little dog and we hit it off. She's the kindest, sweetest dog I've ever met. She doesn't know a stranger and she never leaves my side.  She lost her person when I lost my dog, and we were a perfect match.

Adopt your Senior dog by clicking HERE now.


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