ST. CLOUD -- With thousands of miles worth of trails in Minnesota alone, cycling is a fast growing hobby for all ages. With May being national bike month, we set out to find more about what makes those who bike tick.

Mike Schroden is a co-owner of Revolution Cycle and Ski, he says Bike Month impacts his business every year.

"It helps, but what we've noticed is that the community is supporting a more bike-friendly culture, and we're noticing more people commuting by bike on a weekly, monthly basis and nicer weather earlier in the season definitely helps us in a big way."

Jan Lasar is the President of the Central Minnesota Bike Club. He says cycling is a great way to meet people from all over the country.

"We offer hospitality to traveling cyclists through this service called warm showers, and they'll contact us through the service and ask if they can stay for a night and put up a tent in our yard so we've met a lot of cool people who are on cross-country trips."

The bike club itself has around 40 dedicated riders, and has no formal "joining" process, so it's open to everyone. They go on trail rides every week during the summer, their schedule is on their website.

When it came to what Schroden thought of cycling from a personal level, he calls it a "passion". He says he's excited every day since he gets to share it with the community through his business.

As for Lasar, he says one of his favorite things to do are bike trips, he says the best way to get lost in nature is to bike to it.

Richard Leguil, WJON
Richard Leguil, WJON

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