LYNDEN TOWNSHIP - Test results are showing some high metal counts in a couple private wells in Stearns County's Lynden Township. Lynden Township is just to the southeast of St. Cloud.

Steve Mikkelson is an Information Officer for the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. He says the samples were taken in May of last year, but the results didn't come back until last month. He says two of the private wells had the high metal counts.

One of those that stood out is lead. So, given that there was some high levels, those two private wells - the people that live there- were told to use bottled water for the time being.

Mikkelson says they're now doing another round of testing, looking at an additional 12 private wells in Lynden Township. The MPCA and the Minnesota Department of Health sent letters to the homeowners on March 4th asking for permission to test their water.

He says if the latest test results continue to show high metal counts, they'll then start to investigate the cause, how to clean it up, and possibly alternative water sources for residents in that area.