What would you do if you found an unopened can of Coca Cola that was dated 15 years old?

Kassidy Cook is a Minnesota math teacher. While home from school due to the COVID-19 shutdowns, he found an unopened can of Coke dated September 26, 2005 and -- curious to know how it tasted -- cracked it open to try. His wife caught it all on camera in the video below.

"It's been frozen and thawed at least fifteen times, cause it's gone through 15 winters," he says. "And we're gonna open it, and see what it's like."

As he pops the tab, the soda inside sprays a little bit.

"It still has fizz!" Cook says as he pours it into a glass.

"Don't cut your finger on that," his wife warns. Cook's two boys watch excitedly, asking if they can drink it. "No, you may not!" their mom says. Cook's curiosity gets the better of him, though.

"No, don't drink that," his wife pleads, "it smells a little bit like bleach. DO NOT!" Cook laughs as he holds the cup up to his mouth. "I really want to! Just a little sip." Despite his wife's pleading -- and threats -- he takes a sip.

Watch his reaction and find out if 15-year old coke is any good at the video below!

Would you sip from an unopened can of 15-year old Coca Cola?

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