ST. PAUL  (AP) - A snapshot of Minnesota state government services that would continue, or not, under a government shutdown:

46 state boards and agencies, with minimal staffing at 29 others. Departments with the most staff kept on duty would include Human Services, Corrections, Public Safety and Veterans Affairs.

State funding for many nonprofits including some child care assistance programs. A court-appointed referee will decide whether some social service programs will continue.

Most highway and other state-funded construction projects. Private contracts may have to lay off workers. Emergency highway repairs will continue.

-State parks.
-State lottery.
-State tourism office.
-Many licensing boards for occupations from physical therapy to private detectives.
-Minnesota Zoo, though some staff would care for animals.
-Various state licensing offices, such as for driver's licenses and car registration.

-State emergency/disaster agencies.
-State Patrol.
-Bureau of Criminal Apprehension.
-State prisons and regional treatment centers.
-State tax collections.
-Federally mandated services such as medical assistance or food stamps.
-Payments under the MinnesotaCare health insurance program.
-Unemployment payments.
-Workers compensation claims and benefits would still be processed.
-Veterans homes and programs to help veterans, though claims services would be limited.
-Health and safety inspections of health care facilities.
-Food safety work.
-Workplace safety enforcement for high-risk employers.
-State payments to cities, counties and schools.
-Skeleton staffing in governor's office.
-Funding for Legislature, including a special session.
-Security at state buildings.

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