Photo by Isaac Schweer, WJON

ST. CLOUD -- Mayor Dave Kleis held a town hall meeting tonight (Thursday) with residents of the neighborhoods around the Tech High School building.

Kleis held an open discussion in which those in attendance were able to voice their concerns and raise questions about the relocation of Tech High School.

Zach Dorholt lives in the St. John's Cantius neighborhood and says that more meetings like the one held tonight are needed.

Dorholt says that it is important that city officials and the school board need to keep in contact with the neighborhoods during the process.

Dan Brill, a resident of the Lake George neighborhood, attended the meeting and says that a lot of questions have yet to be answered.

Brill says that more conversation is needed, and meetings like tonight's will be an important step.

The St. Cloud School District recently decided to move forward on building a new school at a different location, instead of renovating of the current building.