ST. CLOUD -- A car in St. Cloud has created concern and confusion for some. A private security vehicle has logos and coloring that make it look very similar to the city's police vehicles.

The car has the lettering "Security ICSC St. Cloud" on the side. Because of that, Mayor Dave Kleis says the police department has issued a cease and desist order preventing the car from being on the city's streets.

A security car can't look like what a squad car would look like.  This one at least gave that impression.  We looked at the statute and obviously in no circumstances should public security have that look, in fact, there's Minnesota statute that states that.

Kleis says the city is waiting to get more specific details from the League of Minnesota Cities, and then they will look into all private security vehicles in town to make sure they are all in compliance with state statute.

He says it is not illegal to have a private security vehicle, as several entities in town do, they just can't have an appearance that makes them look like a cop car.

Kleis says he is unsure why this organization has felt the need to have their own security.

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