ST. CLOUD -- A local woman is sharing her family's story about how COVID-19 took the life of their father.

Carrie Naber says her father, 65-year-old Robert Naber of St. Cloud, was living in his own home. He did have a heart condition after suffering a heart attack a few years ago. She says the family has no idea where he came in contact with the virus.

Robert Naber started feeling symptoms on April 20th, he was diagnosed with coronavirus four days later, he was admitted to the ICU at St. Cloud Hospital on April 30th, and he died on Tuesday, May 5th.

Carrie Naber says she saw him once at his house after he was diagnosed and that was the last time she saw her dad. The last time she talked to him on the phone was Thursday when he said he was going into the Emergency Room.

During the last few hours of Robert's life, Carrie's sister was in the room with him.

They allowed one person to go up to the room after they had pulled everything.  She was up there for three or four hours, and she was the only one that could go up there.  They had her in the gown, face mask, gloves, everything to be in that room.

Carrie says her sister was able to use video on Facebook Messenger so she and other family members could say their "goodbyes".

She says she wanted to share her family's story because people are taking COVID-19 too lightly, including herself before this, and she wanted to put a name and a face to the people who have died.

Myself probably one of them, unfortunately.  I just wanted to let people know.  People are saying this isn't real, this isn't happening, just because names and faces aren't put with the statistics. I just want people to know that this is real and this is hard.

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