This week on WJON's Health Matters program I was joined by Dr. David Smith from Sartell Pediatrics.  He says he trusts the doctors and scientists that say the Covid-19 Pfizer and Moderna vaccines will be safe.  Smith says he believes this so much that his kids have participated in the clinical trials.  He says there is always risks with any vaccine but says the risks are minimal.  Smith says if kids under 16 are allowed to get the Covid-19 vaccine that can help the population get to herd immunity.  Listen to our 3-part conversation below.




Kids become more active participating in outdoor activities in the spring and summer months in Minnesota.  Smith says he wants kids to have a good time but there are some steps to help keep them safe.  He says wearing a helmet while biking, putting on sun screen when kids are outside on sunny days and using mosquito repellent are some simple preventive ways to make for a better, safer spring and summer for children.

Kids do suffer from minor injuries on occasion and some of those injuries can include broken bones.  Smith says when x-raying children they can see if kids growth plates are open or not.  He says everyone grows at a different rate therefore it isn't always clear if someone is done growing or not.  Dr. Smith and I discussed times when human growth hormone can make sense for kids.  He says an early childhood sickness or disorder are examples of why human growth hormone can make sense.

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