ST. CLOUD -- Astronaut and St. John's University graduate Mark Vande Hei will be answering questions from students of St. John's, College of St. Benedict, and local high schools from the International Space Station. Michael Hemmesch, Director of Public Relations at St. John's, says this is common for St. John's grads.

He's been very generous with his time, and we very much appreciate that. And, that is kind of a hallmark of a St. John's or a St. Ben's graduate, that they often want to give back to the institution in terms of time and helping the current students.

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After graduating from St. John's ROTC, Vande Hei was commissioned in the United States Army. He served in Italy with the 325th Infantry Regiment, and he was a Combat Engineer Platoon Leader in Iraq during Operation Provide Comfort.

He started his NASA career in 2006 as a Capsule Communicator. In 2009, Vande Hi was selected for astronaut training. His first mission to the ISS was in 2017. The live event is this afternoon from 3:25 to 4:50.

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