St. Cloud and much of Central Minnesota is in a severe drought.  St. Cloud currently allows for watering once a week on the same day your garbage is picked up.  Mayor Dave Kleis says watering of new trees and yards are still allowed with city approval.  He says an inch of rain today or tonight would help the drought situation but wouldn't solve it.  Kleis says an inch of rain would likely delay an all out ban.  He says they are taking direction from the Minnesota DNR.

Mayor Kleis says not only would rain in the St. Cloud area help the drought conditions but rain north of St. Cloud helps the flow of the Mississippi River.  Kleis says we're in better shape than other parts of the country because of the glaciers that moved through Minnesota and the aquifers we have in the area.  Kleis says if the drought continues through the fall that will impact the area in 2022.

St. Cloud Mayor Dave Kleis joins me on WJON for Radio Town Hall meetings from 8:10-8:50 every other Friday.  His next appearance will be Friday September 3 at 8:10.


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