Well, I get up at seven, yeah
And I go to work at nine
I got no time for livin'
Yes, I'm workin' all the time
It seems to me
I could live my life
A lot better than I think I am
I guess that's why they call me
They call me the workin' man

Alex Lifeson was straight spittin' with these lyrics. Dads of the non-deadbeat variety can relate. We work hard (more or less) for the money. Yaddayadda.

Is Minnesota Among the Best States For Working Dads?

Photo by Izzy Park on Unsplash
POSER! (Photo by Izzy Park on Unsplash)

Well, that depends JUST KIDDING yes we are.

WalletHub took some time away from the lawnmower to grill through some data. Of all 50 states (plus the District of Columbia, which is stupid cuz Colombia is in South America. Morans), the Land of 10,000 Puns Per Dad ranks as the 5th best state for working dads. Massachusetts ranked first. New Mexico is the worst.

Where We Dad Rock

  • Minnesota is 2nd overall in economic and social well-being for dads.
  • Minnesota is 3rd in overall dad health, percentage of kids in poverty, median family income, and men's life expectancy
  • Minnesota is 6th in child care costs (because they're being left home with mom?)

Where We Dad Not

  • Minnesota is 15th in work-life balance. Not terrible, not great.
Source: WalletHub
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H/T: WalletHub


Historic Duluth Property Now On The Market For $1.3 Million

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Welcome to 2125 Abbotsford Avenue, a stately 9 bedroom, 5+ bathroom, home located in the heart of Duluth. The 6,480-square-foot historic home was built in 1914 and sits on more than 3.5 acres of land with a front courtyard, beautiful trees, a manicured lawn, and terrific outdoor living spaces.

The carriage house features 3+ bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, laundry, and a kitchen.

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