ST. CLOUD -- There's a new major students at St. Cloud State University can take advantage off starting this fall.

The university has reinstated their Insurance Major after terminating the program six years ago.

Dr. Joseph Haley is the Chairperson for the Department of Finance, Insurance and Real Estate. He says when the major was cut, they continued to offer the classes as they were popular.

After the major was terminated we repackaged the classes into a certificate, and we've been offering the classes all along.

Haley says there are many careers options students can pursue, such as sales, underwriting or claims.

He add he's excited to have the major reinstated as Insurance is a very interesting field and it completes their department's offerings.

We now have all our majors -- Finance, Insurance and Real Estate -- and we pride ourselves in being a comprehensive department. It just completed the picture.

He says he knows they won't have many students declaring for the major right away, but hopes once word is out it will spark a renewed interest.

St. Cloud State University is the only university in the state that offers an Insurance Major.

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