St. Cloud Catholic Community Schools returned to in-person learning across all age groups on January 19th.  St. Cloud Catholic Community Schools President Scott Warzecha and Cathedral Activities Director Emmett Keenan joined me on WJON today.  Warzecha says "in person learning is where they want to be" and all is going well.  He says social interaction is so important for children and so is one-on-one in person teaching and learning.  Warzecha says students in their school system have responded well to mask wearing and adhering to safety guidelines.


High School and youth sports were allowed to resume starting January 14th.  Emmett Keenan says the adjusting to mask wearing for many athletes while playing sports has gone well.  He says they don't want an interruption to their winter seasons so adhering to safety guidelines is important.  Catholic Community School teachers, coaches and staff were given the opportunity for a first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine by CentraCare.  Keenan says he received his first dose and indicated all winter sports coaches at Cathedral were given the opportunity to get a first dose of the vaccine.

Warzecha says with spring break approaching he acknowledges that many families will chose to go on a trip.  Children who went on a trip that are returning to school after break will be given the opportunity to distance learn for a period of time.

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