We go on vacation to unwind, unplug and recharge our batteries, but studies show we have trouble disconnecting from things while we're supposed to be having fun, so here are a few ways to unplug while you're on vacation. 


You're going on vacation maybe to do some sightseeing in a new place and have an adventure. Or you're going on vacation to just relax. Whatever your reasons, plan it out ahead of time. Sure, there are lots of apps to help you out where you're going to find cool stuff to do, or great places to eat, but do all of that stuff ahead of time. Make a list of what you want to do, where you want to go and where you'd like to eat. Then, get a map of the place you're going, map everything out and turn your phone off.

Bring Your Old Camera

You probably have a digital camera hiding out somewhere, so as you're packing, put that on the list. That way you're less tempted to upload your photos to social media. If you don't own a digital camera, or it's really old, buy a disposable camera. When you come back, then you can upload your photos, or if you're an old fashioned type like me, have your photos printed and make a scrap book, or if you still really want to share them on social media, get your photos on a CD.

Ditch Your Apps

If you're afraid you may still be tempted to use apps like Candy Crush, Facebook and Twitter, then uninstall them on your phone. You can reinstall them when you get back.

Set a Time Limit

You may have to deal with the occasional work thing when you're out of the office, or your team is on deadline and they have questions. Don't allow them to encroach on your vacation time. Put the out of office auto reply on your email, put the out of office message on your voicemail, but say that you're going to be available at a certain time of the day to respond, but stick to it. You're on vacation to get away from work as much as possible.

Allow Catch Up Time

I've heard the phrase "I need a vacation from my vacation" when coworkers come back from time off. You're going to have a ton of emails and voicemails when you get back, so in order to prevent you from getting swamped and overwhelmed, allow yourself a certain amount of time to go through them all and respond to the ones that need attention. Just don't make it the first hour of your day when you get back. Find some time during your unpacking the evening you come home to reconnect with your work life. Wine always helps in these situations.