ST. CLOUD -- Bars and restaurants in Minnesota have been closed to dine-in customers since March 16th and with the Governor's Stay At Home order now extended until May 18th we know they won't be reopening anytime soon.

Scott Widor is the Vice President of the St. Cloud Hospitality Association. He says being limited to just curbside and delivery orders for two months has been tough.

We're frustrated, but we expected it.  If you look at how he shut down the restaurants and then a week later he shut down the state I would expect something similar to happen.  So, I'm not expecting May 18th for the restaurants either, I'm almost thinking the end of May, to be honest.

Widor says, based on what other states have done, even when they can re-open they'll probably be limited to 25 or 50 percent capacity.

That causes a whole set of different issues and honestly, I don't know if a restaurant can open up at 25 percent capacity and make it a sustainable business, even at 50 percent.

Meanwhile, Widor says for his two Blue Line restaurants food orders have been consistent over the past five to six weeks. He says the outpouring of support they've received from their customers has been quite humbling.

Widor says he has been knocking on wood every day that he's been able to continue to offer take out and deliver orders, and he says he fully intends on opening both of his restaurants again as soon as he can.

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