ST. CLOUD-- A local group celebrated Halloween and All Saints Day a little differently Friday night.

The St. Cloud Catholic Home School group held a “Back From the Dead Cemetery Walk” at Assumption Calvary Cemeteries in south St. Cloud.

Local home-schooled high school students between the ages of 12 and 18 dressed up as different figures from the Bible and told their stories to tour groups.

Organizer and home-school parent Roseanne Throener says the dramatized faith event offers an alternative to the spookiness of Halloween.

So it's an alternative to Halloween. I mean, Halloween kind of has a Catholic beginning: All Hallow's Eve, and so we have saints out here, we have the devil out here, martyrs, people who have died for the faith.

Another organizer for the event, Brenda Berg-Arnold, says the stories told during the walk are relatable and powerful.

I like listening to the stories of some of the martyrs. It just amazes me always what people have gone through for the faith, and the suffering that they endured by choice a lot of times. That always moves me.

The script for the walk was originally written by a priest in Baltimore as a way to dramatize the stories of martyrs and saints, as well as teach about saints, angels and the three great virtues.

This was the second year the group has held the walk for the public, and they plan on bringing it back next November.