BRAINERD -- Two men who are passionate about fishing are working to get a state high school fishing tournament sponsored by the Minnesota State High School League.

Much like high school trap shooting, Jason Bahr and professional angler Jimmy Bell want to use the tournament to grow the sport across Minnesota schools.

Bahr is the Brainerd High School Fishing Team Coach. He says right now there are about 100 club teams across the state and the number is growing every year.

Once trap shooting got involved with the MSHSL, Bahr says it took off...

It's done amazing things for trap.  I mean, the amount of kids now involved with trap teams throughout the schools is truly amazing.  I think the last number I heard was 14,000 youth involved in that.  And honestly, fishing could do the same thing.

Bahr says they are asking for one sanctioned tournament to be used for going on to compete at the national tournament.

They will present a final proposal to the league next month and hope to have an answer to their request by April.

If anyone wants to start a school fishing team, you can learn more by visiting the Brainerd Fishing Team website or by calling Bahr at (218) 838-2131.