ST. CLOUD -- Brad Wochnick has spent the past three years building a loyal clientele for his business, Platinum Lawn and Landscaping.

Now, as the novel coronavirus generates mass financial uncertainty, Wochnick wants to help his St. Cloud area customers support those they care about most.

In the coming weeks, possibly months, Wochnick will convert a portion of each customer’s bill into a charitable donation.

“Any customer,” Wochnick said. “This is for whoever we sign a contract with, from here on out.”

The amount of each check will be relative to the cost of the service – up to $1,000.

The only stipulation, Wochnick says, is that the customer cannot be the one to receive the funds; they must choose a recipient, like a family member, friend, school, church or other organization.

“We’ll do it until I decide we don’t want to do it anymore,” Wochnick said. “But, with the way this is going, we could be doing this for months.”

Platinum Lawn and Landscaping operates two crews in the summer, along with a snow removal service throughout the winter. While Wochnick is anticipating a slowdown this season, he feels fortunate to operate a business that hasn’t come to a complete standstill.

“People still need to get work done,” he said. “Our work is outdoors. Our guys aren’t close together all the time. And now, more than ever, we need to bring families together outdoors for some fresh air and create some outdoor living spaces.”

Wochnick says he sees combating the effects of COVID-19 as a “team effort.”

“If I can take some of the money that would be going into my company, and put it toward a family who needs it, it creates a ripple effect,” he explained. “If we sell a landscaping project, it doesn’t just help me – it helps my employees put food on their tables.”


“I was fortunate to spend these last few years investing into my company to help it grow fast. This is one way I can give back and help someone else’s family.”

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