Dr. Allen Horn joined us recently on WJON's Health Matters for an update on a disease that has been making a comeback -- pertussis or better known as "whooping cough."

Whooping cough is a serious disease and Minnesota now ranks 4th in the country in number of cases of whooping cough.

Here's that radio program, divided into four segments you can listen to at your convenience.

In this segment of Health Matters, Dr. Horn gives us the background on whooping cough, and also talks about the renewed concern.

Not everyone's comfortable with vaccinating kids for whooping cough. But Dr. Horn says the vaccinations are safe.

In this segment, Dr. Horn talks about how whooping cough spread and its complications.

And in the final segment, Dr. Horn talks about diagnosis, treatment and prevention.

The bottom line -- children need to vaccinated, teens and adults need booster shots, and we all need to be aware of a danger that can easily be prevented.

Health Matters is heard on AM 1240 WJON, Monday mornings at 9:10 a.m.