ST. CLOUD -- With the swing of a hammer and a few volunteers, a once discarded house will become someone's dream home.

Habitat for Humanity will be remodeling a foreclosed home, located on 3rd Street North in St. Cloud, for one lucky family through their Partner Family program.

A "wall bashing" ceremony was held today (Tuesday) to officially begin the construction.

Construction Manager Chad Olson says the house will get many updated features.

"All new electrical fixtures, all new plumbing fixtures, basically make it look like a brand new house again," says Olson.

Bruce Johnson is the Executive Director for Habitat for Humanity. He says their Women Build program will help with the construction.

"We bring women in with various skill levels to come in and help us get this build going, work with the family as any other project, but they are also the folks on site doing some of the work," says Johnson.

Olson says he was surprise at the volunteers willingness to work.

"They came and blew my expectation away, I thought they would come and just hang around, but they came, they knew what they were doing and wanted to work," says Olson.

The Partner Family, Jeremy and Sarah Schiefelbein, will also be getting their hands dirty in the construction. Johnson says after the house is completed the family will buy the house at a low cost.

"The partner family will be working along side the volunteers and when they are done with the project they will buy the home from us with a low cost mortgage," says Johnson.

Habitat for Humanity hopes to have the home complete by October.


Habitat for Humanity's Women Build program will help remodel an abandoned home for one lucky family. (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON News)