ST. CLOUD -- You're invited to be GREAT Theatre's guest this weekend at the Paramount Theatre with their production of Beauty and the Beast.

It's a tale as old as time about a young girl who warms the heart of a prince, cursed to be a beast due to his lack of compassion towards others.

Kathy Wood plays Mrs. Potts and says while preparing for the role, she tried to put herself in her characters shoes.

"I just thought about I would be if something like that happened. You're head of the household trying to keep everyone's spirits up and hope something will change."

Caitlin Mayo makes her GREAT Theatre debut in the role of Belle. She says while she never expected to play a lead role, she has a lot in common with her character.

"At my audience they asked what my dream role would be and I said Belle. I'm an English teacher and English major, Belle loves books and I guess they saw something in me."

You can catch this enchanted musical performance opening Friday. Tickets are just $18 for students and $28 for adults.

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