ST. CLOUD - Record breaking temperatures are making it possible to go golfing in February.

Angushire is opening this weekend for anyone willing to walk the course and Boulder Ridge is opening it's driving range. Terra O'Neil, general manager of Angushire Golf Course, says this is the earliest she can remember opening.

"This is easily the earliest we have opened. Usually we are happy to get people out in mid-March but not mid-February."

Not just golf courses are benefiting from the warm weather. The Ultimate Sports Bar in Waite Park and Urban Lodge in Sauk Rapids were opening there patio's. Tom Frerichs is the owner of The Ultimate Sports Bar and says Minnesotans are happy to take advantage of this great weather.

"People in this state starve for our outdoors, and when they can do it in an unfamiliar month they will do it just say they were apart of it."

While many are enjoying the record-breaking temps, some are having to scramble to keep their ice houses from breaking through the ice.

A few ice fishing tournaments have been cancelled and Lake George warming house and ice rink have both been closed by the St. Cloud Parks and Recreation Department.

While the temps this week are high, those who live here know it could all change quickly. Future weather reports say next weekend we could be looking at a few inches of snow.

Ultimate Sports Bar
Ultimate Sports Bar

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