COLD SPRING - Great Northern Theatre Company presents its winter play, Rumors.  Tamara McClintock is the director for the comedy. She says this is a straight play with a ton of laughter.

"Most things that are done around here are musicals, and I really had to push to do a straight play, but it is such a funny play, and I really feel that there is a place in this community for plays to, especially comedies."

The play follows a group of people who attend a party at New York’s Deputy Mayor’s house. When the first couple arrive they find no servants in the house, the deputy mayor’s wife is missing, and the deputy mayor himself is found upstairs in a groggy state. Afraid of a scandal the couple decides to lie about the situation to the next couple who show up to the party. The lying continues through all the characters until no one can remember who told who what.

Rebecca Simpson plays Cookie Cusack in the play. She says the cast had a hard time keeping a straight face during rehearsals.

When we were practicing we had a hard time not laughing throughout the show. You find different lines throughout as you are reading it that stand out that didn’t stand out before. All throughout the show there’s these one liners, and it’s constant, it’s not just one moment.

Rumors is being put on at The Great Blue Heron in Cold Spring. This is a dinner theatre presentation. McClintock says having a dinner theater show takes the stress out of coming to the play.

It’s a dinner theater, so people eat when they’re there. They get served desserts during intermission. They don’t have to worry about the meal so it’s kind of lovely in a way, and the other thing is the blue heron is very intimate. You’re not miles away where you can’t really see the faces very well, you can see everything. The front row can reach out and touch the actors.

Both McClintock and Simpson say it’s nice to have an adult comedy to be a part of in the area. McClintock says there are a lot of great actors in central Minnesota, but don’t have the singing voice to be in a musical.  She says having a straight play, like Rumors, gives more people a chance to showcase their talents.

Tickets are $35, and include the meal, dessert, gratuity, and taxes.

The Cast of Rumors.
(Photo Courtesy, Lois Rothstein)
The Cast of Rumors.
(Photo Courtesy, Lois Rothstein)

Show Dates and Times  

*Friday, February 13th
*Saturday, February 14th
*Sunday, February 15th
*Thursday, February 19th
*Friday, February 20th
*Saturday, February 21st

* Doors Open at 6:00 p.m. – Dinner Starts at 7:00 p.m. – Show Begins at 8:00 p.m.

MEET THE CAST (Name – Role)

Tamara McClintock – Director
Bernadette Motzko – House Manager
Brad Busse – Ken Gorman
Karla Reichel – Chris Gorman
Paul Undersander – Lenny Ganz
Aimee Minnerath – Claire Ganz
Matthew M. Toumi – Ernie Cusack
Rebecca Simpson – Cookie Cusack
Chris Groth – Glen Cooper
Ashlee Anderson – Cassie Cooper
Jim Dwyer – Officer Welch
Jax Pearson – Officer Pudney

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