AVON -- Despite it's national celebrity for selling a winning Powerball ticket in 2003, Dahlin's Super Market has remained the same since opening their doors in 1974, keeping them frozen in time.

Al Dahlin originally opened the Dalin's Super Market in Avon, which he and his wife Alma Dahlin operated the business with their six children.

In the 90's siblings, Jackie Dahlin-Girard and Dan Dahlin took over the store for their parents. Dahlin-Girard says she was 16-years-old when she started working for her father.

Dahlin-Girard prides herself on customer service, they bag the groceries and bring them to your vehicle.

At Dahlin's technology is a ten letter word. Employees mark the groceries by hand with individual price stickers which they use to ring up customers. The cash register remains the way it was back when Al Dahlin ran the store.

In recent times they've hired workers outside of their family. Dahlin-Girard says that it's not long before their employees are treated like part of the family.

Dahlin-Girard says one thing that makes the store stand out from the rest is their personal connections with some of their customers. When a loyal customer is ill they will deliver their groceries and call to check in on them.

Their customer service keeps people coming back each week, and for some it's the hope of the store selling a second winning lottery ticket. The Dahlin's say they have big plans for a second win.


See a video of Dahlin's below.