FOLEY -- Seven Foley Basketball players who participate in the Big Brothers Big Sisters Program gave their littles a taste of the on-court experience during their game Tuesday night.

Alex Foss is a Junior Power Foward on the varsity team. He says what drew him into the program was the opportunity to teach his little, Ashton Fussy, some valuable things about life.

"Just to know that Ashton is having fun in school, getting away from things a little bit, having a fun time with me and learning some valuable life lessons from me."

Foss says, he tries to teach Fussy lessons from the court like patience, and not complaining. The off-court lessons he tries to teach, are based on making sure his little succeeds.

"Try to behave in school, listen to his teachers, read a book here and there, be nice to his friends, things like that."

Foley's Head Coach, Nathan Larison says his players being in the BBBS program is right in line with what they try to teach them on the court.

"One thing we try and coach up a little bit is for our guys to be role models to the younger kids. So having them involved in a great program like BBBS, it's great, to see the littles and how excited they are, and our guys are pretty excited about it too."

The littles all got to see the game for free, got to sit on the bench during the team's warm-ups and stand on the court during the national anthem. They also helped introduce the team, being the first high-fives as they ran on the court.

The girls' team will hold their own Big Brothers Big Sisters night on Friday.

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