FOLEY -- Foley has a new city council member as of Tuesday night. Gary Swanson, a former council member, was appointed to the open position.

Swanson previously served on the council from 1976 to 1984. He says, while Foley has done well, its biggest challenge is to attract industry away from big cities.

"That will be the hardest thing, small towns competing with big cities and getting industry here. I think we've done well with what we've had, but there's always possibilities out there and we have to keep going after them."

Others considered were:

  • Rosalie Musachio
  • Janelle Stoltenow
  • Amanda Wilken

The position was open when current Mayor Gerard Bettendorf took over after the previous election.

He was appointed by a two-to-one vote by the council, and will serve for two years.