SARTELL -- An ultramarathon runner from England stopped in Sartell last night (Tuesday) on his way to break a world record by running across the world.

Kevin Carr is a modern day Forrest Gump who is running across the world in attempts to break a world record.

"It's the ultimate challenge really just to see if you can do it," says Carr.

Carr began his journey back on July 28th, 2013 and has been running completely alone.

"My aim is to do this completely self supported which is a different element without a support vehicle," says Carr.

Carr says he has faced many challenges along the way such as hungry bears, chilling weather and distracted drivers.

"Twice I have had people drive through me and I had to jump out of the way or I would have been dead," says Carr.

Unlike Forrest Gump, Carr averages about a marathon a day while pushing around a stroller that holds food, clothing and tent.

"I've ran 480 marathon's in about 486 days," says Carr.

Carr is only able to run in the daylight on must stay off of the interstate, so when nightfall hits it's either camp outside or put up for the night by strangers like Anna Martyna.

"After doing some research on his website I was really pulled into his story," says Martyna.

Martyna says she has been talking with Carr often via email and following his journey on his website.

"We track him all the time seeing where he was and talking to everyone about this amazing opportunity to host him on his journey," says Martyna.

The record has been broken three different times and Carr says it's not just the record he is after, but also to raise awareness about mental health issues which is close to his heart.

"It's something I had pretty bad when I was a teenager and I'm lucky to be alive at all really," says Carr.

However just as quickly as he arrives he laces up his shoes, packs up his stroller and runs off into the sunrise to the next destination.

"I think it will be a fun story that we will get to share with family and friends in this community," says Martyna.

Carr hopes to end his journey in April.

You can track Carr on his journey by visiting his website


England runner Kevin Carr (left) stays the night with Richard (center) and Anna (right) Martyna as he makes his way through Sartell.
England runner Kevin Carr (left) stays the night with Richard (center) and Anna (right) Martyna as he makes his way through Sartell.