UNDATED -- In the days leading up to Minnesota's fishing opener, the Department of Natural Resources is reminding you about the dangers of cold water.

DNR Conservation Officer Adam Block says cold water kills and you should make sure you're prepared in the event you fall in or capsize.  The number one tip for anglers heading out this weekend is to wear a life jacket.  Block says the human body has a cold water reflex which causes a person to gasp for air when hitting cold water.  He says that leads to  water getting into your lungs ultimately leads to drownings.

Before your first launch, make sure you have life jackets for every person on board, a "throwable" flotation device, a horn or whistle, fire extinguisher, working navigation lights and a valid boat registration.

Block encourages everyone to wear a life jacket during cold water season and reminds you that children younger than 10 are required to always wear a life jacket when in the boat.