WAITE PARK -- The $600,000 renovation of the former Minnesota School of Business, into the new District 742 Administrative Offices is underway.

The district bought the building last summer amid a lot of backlash over a perceived lack of transparency. They paid $5.6-million for it.

Since then, they found they were also getting a lot of extra science equipment including microscopes, anatomy models. Some veterinary equipment from the old school was also left behind, which the district has the option to sell.

However, even with all the freebies, Executive Director of Operations, Gary Ganje says they're most excited to have everything in one spot.

"[We're very excited to have] the ability to bring many of our services under one roof"

Ganje adds those services include some that were once spread around St. Cloud.

"Technology, some of the media services pieces. As well as the welcome center and building and grounds administrative staff."

The renovation is focused on efficiency and flow, so each related department, such as HR and business, will be next to each other. The building saved the district an estimated $4-million to $7-million over renovating Tech High School.

Meanwhile, Apollo High School will be getting a lot of space back for classroom use.

The district's renovations will keep going until May, and they'll be moved in and working in the new space by the end of June.

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