ST. CLOUD -- St. Cloud School District recently lost a long time member of their team. Last week, Kevin Januszewski resigned.

At the District Board Meeting Wednesday night, the board made sure that the interim Director of Business Services Amy Skaalerud, had the authority to carry out the tasks required of her position.

Superintendent Willie Jett says Skaalerud is a trusted team member.

"She's been the second in command in that department since 2010, so we feel very confident in her skill set. Other districts have actually inquired about her being promoted within their districts, so we feel very lucky to have her with us."

Jett added that the district has posted the vacant position. The timeline for the district to find applicants for the position will take three to four weeks.

They hope to have a new Executive Director of Business Services by the next school year.

As for Januszewski's reasons for leaving the district, Jett could not comment.

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