Minnesota Governor Tim Walz said there is "no correlation" between his use of emergency powers and protecting people during the pandemic Wednesday when asked whether or not he plans to use emergency powers in an attempt to curb what the state says is an 'alarming' rise in COVID cases.

According to Bring Me the News:

"We all know there is no correlation to me using emergency powers that actually show it protected people or made a difference. It's the political side of it, and so at this point in time, we've got work to do. I know I'm getting no help from the Senate and because of that, I'm continuing to focus on the tools that will make the biggest difference. And that's where I'm going to stay," Walz said.

"This is not about holding back and saying, 'Well if the governor would just call a peacetime emergency our death rates would go down,'" Walz said. "That is demonstrably false at this point in time, especially if people don't follow them."

According to the Bring Me The News story, Walz semi-walked back his comment, clarifying that there are tools available to Minnesotans, such as vaccines, that were not available during the time in which he used his emergency powers. Walz says vaccines, boosters and vaccines for kids are the 'most effective thing we can do.'

In addition, Republican senators have implied they could move to remove Minnesota Department of Health Commissioner Jan Malcom if the powers are reinstated, something Walz has said he is not willing to risk happening during the pandemic.

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